Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Life is full,

A friend shared this, so here for you!!!
as i age, i am dealing with how much i have changed so need to change things about myself. for instance, when i painted a room, i would start at one corner and never stop til i did the whole room and got back to that corner again. 

now .. i wouldn't paint a room, no way no how! lol 

but actually, when i have big jobs (like doing dishes is now on the 'big job' list lol) i dont usually do things in one shot. i do for five or ten minutes, go away and come back like 15 minutes later. that's what often helps me accomplish stuff.

your life should be leisurely .. take in the views, the various cultures you are passing through, meet and greet new people and enjoy everything. dont put pressure on yourself cause who really cares. 

I will be undating today so do check back here later!!
Thanks for looking and

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