Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Good Kitchen tip

As I cook, I wash dishes, when I have finished my cooking, and we sit down to eat, all the dishes are DONE, and afterward the only thing left is the serving dishes and the utensils and plates we used....it takes very few minutes to clean up after that and then:::::::I do not believe in "leaving things", it just makes it harder and longer to clean up and if someone say "leave it for later", I comment, " I could but it would still have to be done and I am the one that will STILL have to do it." then I clean up:-)

I fix the coffee pot for the next morning, when I get up all I have to do is "hit the button", ( my pot is not programable:-))

That is just 2 things I do and as I go through this day I will see if there is anything I do "automatically" to make "life more simple". I will then share with you.

Have a super day and remember your VALENTINE.

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