Saturday, July 23, 2016

Surprising Uses for Ice Cubes

Surprising Uses for Ice Cubes

What’s so great about frozen water? Plenty! From preventing sauces from curdling to getting wrinkles out of your clothing, ice cubes are a great addition to your DIY arsenal. Click through to check out some creative and interesting ways to use ice cubes.

Food & Entertaining.
1. Stop Curdling in its Tracks. Curdled sauces can be salvaged — it’s a miracle! Drop an ice cube into your egg-based sauce and stir it around immediately after you see the sauce start to curdle.
2. Serve Ice Without the Hassle. At your next party, serve ice in a colander that is placed inside of a large bowl. No need to go bobbing for ice cubes.
3. Reheat Rice with Ease. All too often, rice dries out when it’s reheated in the microwave. Remedy that by putting a few ice cubes on top of the bowl before you nuke it.
4. Take Your Salad Dressing to the Next Level. If you want your dressing to be creamier, put it in a sealable plastic container with an ice cube. Seal tightly, shake well and enjoy!

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